Two Dopes Two Nopes (No. 1)

Two Dopes Two Nopes (No. 1)

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Welcome to “Two Dopes Two Nopes,” where we highlight the cool things (things that are dope) and the not-so-cool things (nope) across style, culture, and art. Let’s jam.



1) Breaking Down Cardboard Boxes


Adulthood can feel like a drag. Responsibility, work, stress – and the increasing number of carboard boxes arriving at your door. Thanks to Jeff Bezos I now run a full-time recycling center from my home. So here's a little mindset shift, a 'life hack' if you will, that will turn a mundane chore into your favorite pastime: imagine that you are Tommy Lee Jones from “The Hunted” (1995) whenever you flatten or break down your packages.


"One, two, three, power assist four, five, six."


First, choose your weapon. Exacto knife, pocket knife, screwdriver, scissors, whatever is closest. Be resourceful. Be precise. Then, let it f***in' RIP. Who needs meditation and mindfulness when you can finish boxes like Jason Bourne? With proper training, you can defeat one box per 1.5 seconds. 


Now that you've been initiated into the ecommerce-warrior tribe, I leave you with words from Tommy Lee: 


"I will teach you how to kill. Quickly. Accurately. Efficiently. It will become a reflex action. You will learn how to enter a combat zone and evaporate into shadow. You will learn how to survive...or you will not."   


Welcome to the program.


2) Faherty's Short-Sleeve Knit Seasons Shirt


The shirt of the summer. Feels like a broken-in T-shirt, looks like a button-down, and is made with soft cotton material that drapes perfectly. The relaxed/straight fit is flattering on body any type, even if you have the dimensions of a garbage can, like me. Versatile and laid-back.



Although the Seasons Shirt is premium-priced at $138, the knit construction and detail hold up really well, wash-after-wash. When buying expensive stuff, our motto is "Buy Good Things. Own Them a Long Time." 


So ditch the polyester golf shirt this summer for some clean, easy style.


**Side Note**

Mike Faherty, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Faherty, is an awesome dude. When I started MGRS, I reached out to companies for advice because I had (and have) no idea what I'm doing. Mike spoke with me for almost an hour, connected me with designers and manufacturers, and we traded a dozen emails. For a busy guy who runs a successful, family-owned operation, he gave freely of his time, experience, and insight. Very chill, and just an all-around great guy. Big fan for life.



1) Freestyling in Group Exercise Classes


Walk into any group exercise class -- F45, Barry's Bootcamp, Orange Theory, etc. -- and you'll find at least one 'Turbo.' He doesn't follow directions, he does extra work during the breaks, and he'll tell you "that was easy." JUST DO THE FREAKING WORKOUT YOU BUM. Unless you're pregnant or you're injured (you should probably rest), follow the directions like everyone else.


I saw one guy wrap a towel around his neck and walk his feet up and down the wall, spiderman-parkour-style, while everyone else was doing crunches. Cool it buddy. No one is impressed. It's exercise. We're all washed-up.


And for those of you Crossfit-ers and Gold's Gym-goers criticizing group workout classes, well you're a Turbo, too. 


2) Gratitude


I feel like gratitude has had it's day. Nothing against it, as a concept, because gratitude is a key ingredient for long-term happiness. Maybe it's the prevalence of gratitude on social media, but we are constantly reminded of it, with phrases such as "feeling blessed," "grateful for my___," "how lucky are we?" And too much of a good thing can be, well, not good. 


There's no denying it's a nice sentiment. But maybe we keep gratitude on the inside, sometimes? When my two-year-old and 3.5-year-old are screaming and crying at breakfast, I don't feel grateful. I feel angry. Maybe it's me? Maybe I'm the "nope"?....



Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for all your support. Pumped to release some new stuff soon.


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